Gamecocks Champions In Many Ways

This is john Taylor, a member of Hopewell Presbyterian (the Church I serve) and also a relief pitcher on the University of South Carolina baseball team that is currently playing in the College World Series (and currently undefeated in the series, I might add!). I have always been a big fan of Gamecock sports, and since moving to Florence and meeting John have followed him with great interest.

While I am proud of what they are doing on the field (they won the national championship last year and if they keep winning will do it again this year) I am very proud also of what they are doing off the field. In this picture John is joining his team mates in visiting a children’s hospital and making the lives of the patients brighter.

You can read about the teams trip to the hospital here.

Whatever they accomplish on the filed, what they are accomplishing off the field makes them champions!

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