RIP Little Halle

This is Halle, our 4 pound maltese that died over the weekend.

Her name was actually Halleluiah, but Sally did not want to actually call her Halleluiah. She was afraid that if Halle got out at night and I had to go through the neighborhood looking for her it would not be a good idea for the preacher to be shouting “Halleluiah” as he walked along — so the shortened version – – Halle — was what we called her.

Halle was a true “miracle dog” and gave us, as well as many others, 12 years of love and companionship. When she was 6 she began having health problems and was diagnosed with a low white blood cell immune deficiency. Since she only weighed 4 lbs, she battled the immune deficiency the rest of her life. What she lacked in white blood cells, she made up for in love for anyone and everyone who would come her way.

Sally did not like to let Halle out of her sight — the joke was that if she left the house and left Halle with me, I knew she was coming back. If she took Halle with her, I would have to wonder if she would return!

Halle became a regular part of Sally’s pottery classes and would accompany us on trips. She loved to be around people. Her last major trip was last summer when she went with us to Church Camp the week that Sally taught pottery classes and I lead the Bible Study. Wherever she went, Halle made friends.

She finally succumbed to the blood disorder over the weekend. She will be missed, but she blessed a lot of folks in a lot of ways!


  1. First off, I am very very sorry for your loss!! We lost our little Maggie Mae about a year ago, and there is stilla void in our lives without her. She, also, was a Maltese. She loved unconditionally, and when she hurt, she would not cry, but the tears in her eyes told us something was wrong. She lived 14 years with which 4 of those she was without sight. Although she could not see, she was very aware of the love around her, (something we don’t see but feel) She will be sorely missed, but I know that as the poem says,”We will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge” in the meantime rest assured that your Halle, and my Maggie are playing, running, and waiting for us in the green pastures at the Rainbow Bridge. When they see us, they will run to us, and there will be no more pain or sickness, just happiness and joy as all of us cross that beautiful, peaceful, Rainbow Bridge. God Bless you!

  2. Thanks Jack. Your thoughts and prayers are most appreciated.

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