Sermon: Luke 12:49-56

I have posted today’s sermon on my sermon blog. Based on Luke 12:49-56 it’s titled “Decide!”.

Here’s a portion of it:

I heard a story of a Law School student in the 1960’s who began to feel the call into the ministry. Before he could begin Seminary, however, he was drafted into the army — and had to do a years stint in Viet Nam. Before he left he announced to his family that he felt the call to go into the ministry when he returned from Viet Nam. His family could not accept this. They had dreams of his being a successful and influential lawyer and possibly a politician. His father wrote him — and told him he never wanted to see him again. His mother persuaded all her friends that he was Missing in Action in Viet Nam. He, however, remained faithful to his commitment — and returned home — attended Seminary — and became a minister.
His family never accepted him again.
He had made a decision. He had decided to follow Christ — even though his family disowned him.
Can you decide?

You can read the entire sermon here.

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