Sermon: Isaiah 1:1-3, 11-24

I have posted today’s sermon on my sermon blog. It’s based on Isaiah 1:1-3, 11-20 — and entitled “RSVP”.

Here’s a portion of it:

RSVP – the letters refer to French – “respondez, s’il vous plait” – or “respond, if you please”. We put these letters on invitations so folks will let us know if the are coming to the event we are inviting them to – and we know that it’s polite to respond to an RSVP so the people inviting us will know how many will be at the event we are invited to.

Our scripture passage for today is a wonderful invitation – it’s the greatest invitation you will ever receive because it’s an invitation to have a personal relationship with God. But it’s an invitation with a RSVP. You have to respond to it.

You can read the sermon here.

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