Sermon — Mark 13:1-13

I have posted today’s sermon on my sermon blog. It’s based on Mark 13:1-13 and entitled “Rules For Thrival”.

Here’s a portion of it:

In a very real way, military personnel – especially those who have gone through the armies Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape School – called SERE School for short – know what it’s like to have days when things happen quickly and very little makes sense.
Their day might start with their falling out of a helicopter — but – falling out of a hovering helicopter is the easy part of the day. Once they have roped down to the ground, they might find themselves 25 miles from civilization and equipped with only a knife, a compass, a sleeping bag and a canteen. No tent — despite snow in the forecast — and no food. Their last meal might have been the day before — and they’ll be in the wilderness for days. They have no flashlight or night vision goggles – and it’s pitch-black dark. To top it off, they are in groups of six — and hostile natives are roaming the countryside looking for them.
They definitely don’t want to be found.
Their goal is survival.
But this is no reality show.
There are no “tribes,” no immunity challenges, and no million dollar prize at the end like you would find on “Survivor”. The only reward in this special school is the experience itself — learning how to live under the most extreme of worst case scenarios. Learning to get by on next to nothing. Learning to make do with what you’ve got and understanding that things often get worse before they get better.
That’s SERE School – the final stage of training for candidates attempting to earn the green beret of the elite U.S. Army Special Forces. It’s some of the toughest training the military has to offer, but the lessons learned are absolutely essential for those who are getting ready to move into harm’s way. For SERE School students getting ready to go to battle – to be flown in behind enemy lines – sent on expeditions of extreme danger – tactics for survival – just simple survival – are vital.

You can find out what SERE School has to do with the Christian life by reading the full sermon here.

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