Sermon: John 21:1-19

I have posted today’ s sermon on my sermon blog. It’s based on John 21:1-19 — and entitled: “Easter Means Changed Lives — Peter’s Story” — although it could have been titled: “How To Stay In The Game And Make A Comeback For God”.

Here’s a portion of it:

When you think about it – you realize that Peter went from being failure prone, impulsive, and brash to ministering with power, preaching with boldness, and leading with authority.
How did this happen?
I believe that Peter’s life turned around because he chose to “stay in the game” – so to speak.
Peter did not give up when he failed – he didn’t quit – but he let the risen Christ touch his life – forgive him — use him – and do more powerful things than he ever dreamed possible through him.
You know — Judas failed, too, but he didn’t seek God’s forgiveness. He gave in to despair and hung himself.
Peter dealt with his downfall differently.
He “stayed in the game”.
Easter means that – regardless of how hard you may have fallen – no matter what you may have done – you can “stay in the game” for God – and God can forgive you – use you – and you can do things for Him that we never expected you were able to do!

You can read the entire sermon here.

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