Sermon: Isaiah 63:7-9

I have posted my sermon from today on my sermon blog. It’s based on Isaiah 63:7-9 and entitled: God Has Blessed Us.

Here’s a portion of it:

When I was young I used to want to stay up until midnight on New Years Eve and “see the New Year in”. When I was about six – I don’t know why that became the magic number except for maybe Mom and Dad couldn’t take my begging any more — my parents decided they would let me stay up.
I was excited!
I was ready to stay up to “see the New Year in” – but around 10:30 my tiredness caught up with my excitement.
I decided I would lie down for awhile – but slept through the whole thing.
On the morning of January 1 awoke – disappointed that I had missed the New Year coming in – but raced outside to see how the new year looked.
I think I expected things to look different.
A New Year had come in.
Surely things would look different.
But – guess what.
Things did not look different.
Things looked the same.
Dissapointed again – I went back inside – and told my parents that I did not know what the big deal was – everything looked the same to me.
Is that how the new year will be for us – just the same?
Or – will we see and take advantage of the new possibilities – new potential – – and new opportunities that lie before us?
The new year can new possibilities – new potential – – and new opportunities – we can do things in a new way.
Or – it can be “business as usual” – same thing as always – just the same.
It’s up to us.
It’s up to us to make the new year – with the new opportunities that lay before us – what we will make of them.

You can read the sermon here.

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