The Purpose Driven Life: Day 6 — Life Is A Temporary Assignment

Life on earth is a temporary assignment.

That’s how Rick Warren begins day 6 of The Purpose Driven Life.

Yesterday (day 5) we looked at how your perspective on life determines what you do with your life — and looked at 2 of Warren’s 3 suggested perspectives for life — life is a test and life is a trust.

Today (day 6) Warren gives his third suggestion on a perspective for life:

Life is a temporary assignment.
Earth is only a “temporary residence” for us. We belong to God — so our home is with God. Our home is in heaven. The things of the earth will pass away — heaven will last forever.

Here is a way Warren explains his point that we will never find happiness unless we have our perspective on things of heaven instead of the world:

A fish would never be happy living on land, because it was made for water. An eagle could never be satisfied if it wasn’t allowed to fly. You will never be satisfied on earth, because you were made for more. (The Purpose Driven Life, p.50)

I like the illustration Warren gives that we are ambassadors for God. If we were ambassadors for our country to another country, we would do all we could to represent our country in the best way we could. We are ambassadors for God here on earth, and need to represent Him in the best way we can.

Our perspective on life determines what we do with our life — what we do with your time, our talents, our money, everything we have. Warren gives us 3 perspectives for a purpose driven life:

1. Life is a test.
2. Life is a trust.
3. Life is a temporary assignment.

Lord — Help me to see my life as a test — and show Your love to everyone I meet and in everything I do. Help me to see my life as a trust — and use the gifts You have given me to do Your work in the world. Help me to see my life as a temporary assignment — and find my true joys in Your things, not the things of the world — and represent You in the best way I can. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.


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