Sermon: Exodus 1;8-2:10

I have posted my sermon from this past Sunday on my sermon blog. Based on Exodus1:8-23:10 it is entitled “God Has Big Plans”. Here’s a portion of it: Have you ever noticed that there is a difference in the way professional football teams and professional baseball teams prepare their rookies? Most NFL teams will sign […]

Sermon: Genesis 45:1-15

I have posted my sermon from yesterday to to my sermon blog. Based on Genesis 45:-15 it is entitle’How Do You Treat Those Who Mistreat You?” Here’s a portion of it: When Norman Vincent Peale wrote The Power of Positive Thinking, he was lambasted by many theologians and religious leaders. One leader, the Methodist Bishop […]

Carpe Diem

Robin Williams, one of my favorite actors, committed suicide yesterday. He was a comic genius, but it has been reported that he battled addictions and severe depression and that in the end it seemed that he could not handle the problems that his addictions and depression presented him with. My hearts and prayers go out […]