Sermon: Exodus 20:1-21, Philippians 3:4(b)-14, Matthew 21:33-46

I have added last Sunday’s sermon to my sermon blog. Based on Exodus 20:1-21, Philippians 3:4(b)-14, and Matthew 21:33-46 it is entitled “Commanded To Love”. Here is a potion of it: We’ve splashed our rules all over the sanctuary walls. So many rules we don’t have time for dancing … Our grafffiti defiling the house […]

Sermon: Matthew 20:1-16

I have posted my sermon from yesterday on my Sermon blog. Based on Matthew 20:1-16 it is entitled “Thank God That God Is God (And That We Are Not)”. Here’s a portion of it: Maybe we need to have a basic conversation with ourselves every morning. I recently heard of a minister who urged his […]

Matthew 18:21-35

I have added yesterday’s sermon to my sermon blog. Based on Matthew 18:21-35, it is entitled “Forgiving Others”. Here’s a potion of it: Jesus makes it clear to Peter, and to you, and to me, that we are to forgive others an unlimited number of times. He also makes it clear that God doesn’t expect […]